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CFAB Global and Graco Inc.

Graco Inc. - Lubrication Equipment, Chemical Injection and Bulk Fluid Management Solutions

At CFAB Global, we are honored to serve as an authorized distributor for Graco Inc., a company that has been engineering, delivering, and supporting solutions integral to daily operations for nearly a century. Graco’s commitment to simplifying tasks and enhancing productivity resonates with our mission to cater to the dynamic needs of workers and businesses across the globe.

Graco’s expertise spans a wide range of industries and applications – from vehicle servicing and heavy equipment operation to maintenance repairs, oil rig operations, and manufacturing line management. As your trusted partner, CFAB Global offers Graco’s top-tier lubrication equipment, chemical injection, and bulk fluid management solutions. These products are designed with your profitability in mind, understanding the critical cost of downtime. With Graco’s proven solutions in our portfolio, we are dedicated to maximizing your efficiency and minimizing losses, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.



Graco offers industry-leading solutions, developed from their unparalleled investment in engineering and technology innovation. When it comes to industrial equipment maintenance and other equipment for your factory floor, trust proven Graco solutions.


Custom Mechanical System Design

Vehicle Service

Custom Mechanical System Design


At CFAB Global, we prioritize our customers' feedback and continuously adapt to meet their evolving needs. Graco invests significantly in research and development setting them apart, enabling us to partner with Graco in bringing more reliable, connected, and user-friendly automatic lubrication equipment, as well as bulk fluid management and fluid transfer systems to the market. Together with Graco, we are committed to innovation that enhances operational efficiency and reliability for our clients.


At CFAB Global, we understand that being a consultative partner requires dedication and effort, and we are fully committed to this role. In collaboration with Graco, we aim to work closely with you to pinpoint, design, and implement the optimal solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve the highest return on investment for your purchases. Together with Graco, we are eager to put in the work needed to support your success.


At CFAB Global, we proudly stand behind Graco's exceptional manufacturing processes, thorough product testing, and the industry-leading warranty that accompanies their solutions. This steadfast commitment to quality ensures that Graco's offerings not only accomplish the task at hand but also endure over the long haul. It's a testament to their durability and reliability that Graco products, even those over 50 years old, can still be found in operation today.


At CFAB Global, we understand the importance of quick and dependable support. Whether through a phone call or an email, our dedicated support team is always ready to provide you with the assistance you need. We are committed to delivering a swift and effective customer service experience, recognizing that any downtime directly impacts your revenue.

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At CFAB Global, we admire Graco’s unwavering dedication to innovation. They are constantly evolving their lubrication, chemical injection, and bulk fluid management equipment to cater to the specific needs of each customer and application. Graco’s proactive approach to innovation ensures that their solutions remain at the forefront of the industry, meeting the diverse and changing demands of our clients.