Machine Reliability Specialists

Maria Cleppe

Chief Operating Officer & President

Family Owned & Operated Since 1998

In the year 1998 Todd & Maria Cleppe founded C-FAB LLC. as a Custom Lubrication System supplier. 

C-FAB LLC. began building custom material dispensing systems and oil circulating systems.

Todd Cleppe

Chief Executive Officer & Vice President

Dylan J Cleppe

Chief Strategy Officer

Alysia Cleppe

Executive Chief of Office Affairs

In the early 2000's C-FAB LLC. was approached for an opportunity to become an on-site contractor and run the lubrication program at a clients facility. It was turned down because the company was not ready to make that type of move. Instead C-FAB LLC. focused on getting higher quality products such as GRACO, TRC Lubrication & Special Coatings, Pulsar Lube Single Point Lubrication, USPI Filtration Carts, Behringer Clamps & Filters, Mahle Filters and Bi-Lok Fittings.