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Ozone Room Sterilization Units

The Principle Function:

Ozone is the fastest-acting oxidising disinfectant and the most efficient broad-spectrum, microbiological control agent commercially available. Being highly reactive and completely non-discriminating, it immediately starts oxidising anything it comes in contact with. This makes ozone a very powerful bactericide agent. Unlike any other oxidising agent, ozone decomposes into environmentally friendly oxygen, leaving no toxic residues. Our units put out 7 grams per hour compared to others that only output .005 miligrams per hour. Using our unit, holding 2ppm for 2 hrs will kill every virus, bacteria & mold on any surface as well as in the air.

Where to use the Ozone Room Sterilization Unit?

  • Disinfect air in operating rooms, doctors’ offices, and healthcare facilities
  • Deodorise clothing and fabrics from smoke or pet smells
  • Kill bacteria on food and food packaging areas
  • Kills pathogens in seconds vs. several minutes for other oxidants
  • Remove mold spores and yeast from the air for food processing
  • To date, there has not been a single bacterium, virus or cyst discovered that can withstand Ozone

What is OZONE and how it’s produced?

Ozone, or trioxygen, is a fast-acting oxidising disinfectant made up of three oxygen atoms, O3. Ozone occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere, or stratosphere, when the sun’s light splits oxygen molecules, O2, into separate atoms. When these single atoms bond with other oxygen molecules, they form ozone, protecting us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Commercially, ozone can be used to disinfect, deodorise, and sanitise the air, sterilise equipment, and remediate mold. Ozone also kills microorganisms, such as bacteria, in drinking water, pools, and spas.

OZONE Sterilization Unit
OZONE Sterilization Unit with Handle & Timer 
OZONE Room Sterilization Wheeled Mobile Unit