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Hygienic Drum Pumps

Sanitary Range of Piston Pumps for viscous products that flow

Kecol manufacture a range of Air Powered Piston Pumps to suit standard and non standard Drums, Containers or IBC’s.

Maximum output and 90 L/Min. and pressure up to 175 Bar.

Hygienic Drum Pumps Specs

Capacity: Up to 90 Litre/min  

Solids: Up to 16mm Solids  

Pressure: Up to 175 Bar  

Ports: Available in BSP(F) and Clamp connections

Accessories: Powerlift, Powerprime

Features & Benefits

    Can be stalled without damage

    Transfer products cleanly, quietly and efficiently

    Hygienic models with ‘Quick Strip’ system

    316 Stainless Steel contact parts

    Quick Release Coupling between Air Motor & Pump Tube

    Variable Output and Pressure

    General Description

    Drum Length pump tube in 316L stainless steel – available in & screwed construction & ‘Hygienic’ Clamp Type construction.

    Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

    Pumping Mascara, Petroleum Jelly, Face Creams, Magnesium and Aluminium Hydroxide, Toothpaste, Wax and Suntan Lotions, Medical Adhesives, Suntan Lotion, Hair Creams, Shampoo, etc.

    Food Industry

    Mayonnaise, Glucose, Butter and Meat Pie fillings with cooked vegetables.

    Chemical & General Industrial

    The transfer of, Paints, Resins, Adhesives, Polymers, Latex, High Viscosity Grease,

    Mastic’s and Inks