Machine Reliability Specialists

Graco provides equipment for spray finishing, protective coating, paint circulation, lubrication, and dispensing sealants and adhesives, along with power application equipment for the contractor industry. Graco’s ongoing investment in fluid management and control will continue to provide innovative solutions to a diverse global market.


Production line breakdowns due to poor or mishandled industrial equipment maintenance mean downtime and lost revenue. Graco helps you minimize industrial machine repair and maintenance to increase your uptime, productivity and profitability.


For auto dealerships and vehicle service garages, bulk fluid management is critical for realizing maximum profitability. Graco’s automotive shop equipment helps you develop a seamlessly connected shop to gain insight, control and reporting on your fluids, and allows you to make smarter decisions to drive increased operational efficiencies.


There’s no stopping in the 24/7 world of mining. Just one hour of downtime can cost $10,000 for an idle truck and up to $50,000 for an immobilized shovel. Graco mining solutions are built to keep equipment running and simplify service work for a positive impact on your bottom line.


Energy production is an always-on business, relying heavily on equipment to stay up and running 24/7. Mishandled or neglected maintenance can cause a cease in production and lost revenue. Graco helps you minimize equipment maintenance and repair by providing efficient and serviceable equipment solutions.


It’s a challenge to keep your fleet in peak condition and on the road. Whether it’s semi-trucks, garbage trucks, buses, box vans, trailers or service shops, Graco’s advanced technology and proven solutions keep your fleet moving and maintenance costs down.


There’s nothing worse than running off schedule due to equipment downtime on a construction job. With Graco construction solutions, your equipment’s bearings will always be greased properly and your heavy equipment service center will be optimized for efficiency.

 Why Graco? Why Auto Lube?

Well-oiled machines run on Graco. Use Graco Auto Lubrication Systems for optimal productivity. Always innovating, Graco offers a comprehensive collection of pumps, metering valves, controllers, fittings and accessories designed to dispense accurate and timely lubrication for today’s modern, information-rich users — all backed by Graco’s trusted name and responsive A+ customer support. Get parts immediately to lubricate critical equipment using less grease and oil. Reduce operating and maintenance costs for impressive ROI. Provide a safer, cleaner environment for technicians. Designed specifically to address the unique demands of the modern business environment, Graco auto lubrication succeeds where other lubrication methods fail.

Electric Grease Jockey Pump

Lubrication is critical to your vehicle's peak performance. With Graco's Grease Jockey automatic lubrication system, vehicle maintenance gets a whole lot easier. Take the hassle out of manually lubricating your chassis and continuously lubricate it instead.