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Founded in 1974, Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of CBRN Air Filtration and Air Treatment Products, trusted worldwide for expertise and customer oriented solutions.

In more than 100 countries, Beth-El’s products are protecting people and equipment providing clean and filtered air along with blast protection valves for Critical Infrastructures as well as sophisticated Ventilation / Air Filtration / Air Conditioning Systems for

  • Armored Vehicles
  • Mobile Shelters and Containers
  • Military Ships
  • Army Tents
  • Command & Control Centers
  • and Mobile Medical Chambers for Isolation & Pandemic Prevention.

Ozone Room Sterilization Units

Ozone is the fastest-acting oxidising disinfectant and the most efficient broad-spectrum, microbiological control agent commercially available. Being highly reactive and completely non-discriminating, it immediately starts oxidising anything it comes in contact with. This makes ozone a very powerful bactericide agent. Unlike any other oxidising agent, ozone decomposes into environmentally friendly oxygen, leaving no toxic residues. Our units put out 7 grams per hour compared to others that only output .005 miligrams per hour. Using our unit, holding 2ppm for 2 hrs will kill every virus, bacteria & mold on any surface as well as in the air.

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Ionization Air Purification Devices

The Sterionizer™ is an air purification device based upon a patented bipolar ionization technology, specifi cally developed to bring the health and quality of nature’s air to indoor environments. In natural habitats, solar and earth-based thermal energies create positive and negative oxygen ions that clean and renew outdoor air by removing harmful pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi,  and spores. The Sterionizer™ generates these same positive and negative ions — just like those found in nature — that purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants mentioned above. The Sterionizer™ is a compact electronic module that can be easily integrated into various air treatment products.

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